Players of the Decades

Debate has long driven baseball, so why not open it up a little bit here?

Over the next couple of weeks I will be revealing my opinion of the best player for each decade. Starting off we will only be focusing on positional players so no need to tell me about the greatness of the Walter Johnson’s and Mordecai Brown’s of the world at this point. Only the contributions from the particular decade have been taken into account so you may notice that many of the all-timers will be noticeably missing because their peak years fell between two decades. Stats play a major role in the final decisions because they drive our wonderful game. But legacies, awards, and rings were also taken into account. So without further adieu…

1900’s – Honus Wagner

1910’s – Ty Cobb

1920’s – Babe Ruth

1930’s – Jimmie Foxx

1940’s – Ted Williams

1950’s – Mickey Mantle

1960’s – Roberto Clemente

1970’s – Johnny Bench

1980’s – Mike Schmidt

1990’s – Barry Bonds

2000’s – Albert Pujols

Do you agree? I’d love to hear from you.