Player of the Decade (1930’s)

Jimmie Foxx

Also considered: Lou Gehrig, Mel Ott, Charlie Gehringer

Jimmie Foxx edges out Lou Gehrig in the tightest debate I’ve written about yet. If it wasn’t for Gehrig unfortunate health problems he would’ve certainly posted even better numbers than he did (died at the age of 37). Also, Lou’s best season was back in ’27 when he did some un-human-like things (check it out).

Now with all of that being said, it still may not have mattered in this debate. Foxx was fantastic. He won MVP 3 times during a 7 year span and you can see why with the numbers below:

  • Eight seasons over .300 Average
  • Eight seasons over .400 OBP (.440 for the decade)
  • Eight seasons over 1.000 OPS (1.092 for the decade)
  • Nine 100+ Runs seasons
  • TEN 100+ RBI seasons (175 in ’38)
  • Ten 30+ HR seasons (58 in ’32)
  • Seven time All Star
  • Three MVP’s
  • World Series Champion
  • 415 HR
  • 72.6 WAR

*These numbers only reflect the seasons between 1930-39*

The man they called Double X stands in no man’s shadow. Ruth may have come before him, but Jimmie was great in his own right. The consistency in his game never wavered. You could slot him into the Top 5 in MVP voting before every season began. His power was unrivaled by anyone in the decade.

“If I were catching blindfolded, I’d always know when it was Foxx who connected. He hit the ball harder than anyone else.”                   –Bill Dickey

You just don’t see guys drive in runs to the level at which Foxx did it any more. His 175 RBI’s back in 1938 still stands as a record today. Every season in the 30’s Foxx posted RBI totals in the triple digits. And I know there is a current sentiment about how RBI’s aren’t a true indicator of ability, but I think that idea is kinda trash. A single with runners on second and third is more valuable than one with nobody on. That’s just a fact. And you could make the argument that Foxx was the best player to drive runs in that the game has ever seen. And the 30’s were the decade in which he did most of his damage.

Jimmie Foxx comes in as the fourth selection to my Player of the Decade team. Continue to check back in as I will continue revealing my choice of players each day. Tomorrow will be the 1940’s.

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