Baseball Statistics Index


Batting Statistics

Batting Average (BA or AVG) = (Hits) / (At Bats)

Slugging Percentage (SLG) = (Total Bases) / (At Bats)

On Base Percentage (OBP) = (Hits + Walks + Hit by Pitch) / (At Bats + Walks + Hit by Pitch + Sacrifice)

At Bats (AB) = (Plate Appearances) – (BB + HBP + Sacrifice + Catcher’s Interference)

Games (G) : The number of games the player played in.

Hits (H) = (Single(s) + Double(s) + Triple(s) + Home Run(s))

Total Bases (TB) = Sum of bases recorded on balls hit in play by the player. Single = 1; Double = 2; Triple = 3; Home Run = 4.

Runs (R) : The number of times the player scored a run.

Runs Batted In (RBI) : The total number of Runs to score as a direct result of the hitter’s plate appearance. A walk with the bases loaded still gives an RBI to the hitter that drew the walk. A judgement is made by the official scorekeeper when an error is involved on the play.

Sacrifice (SH or SF) : The player opts to intentionally give themselves up as an out in order to advance other runners on base. A Sacrifice Hit (SH) often involves the batter squaring around to bunt while a Sacrifice Fly (SF) must involve a player scoring as a result of their flyball. The batter is not given an AB if the base runners successfully advance.

Hit By Pitch (HBP) : The number of times a batter is struck by the pitch and rewarded first base. No AB is recorded in the end result of a HBP.

Walks (BB) : Commonly referred to as Base on Balls, a Walk is when the batter watched 4 balls and is then rewarded first base. No AB is recorded in the end result of a BB.

Intentional Walks (IBB) : Often signaled by the catcher standing up from his stance with his arm straight out towards the opposite batter’s box of that in which the current batter is standing. After 4 intentional balls are thrown the batter is rewarded first base. No AB is recorded in the end result of an IBB.

Strikeout (SO or K) : When the batter accumulates 3 strikes during the course of his AB he is determined out.

Stolen Base (SB) : The number of times that a player has advanced another base while the pitcher has the ball or has pitched the ball. There is such thing as Defensive Indifference that occurs typically late in blow-out games when the team chooses to allow the runner(s) to advance. No Stolen Base is recorded under these circumstances.

Caught Stealing (CS) : The number of times in which a player is either picked off by the pitcher or thrown out by the catcher without the ball being put in play by the batter.

Grounded into Double Plays (GDP) : The number of times the batter has directly batted a ball that resulted in at least 2 outs for the defense. No RBI(s) is recorded on this type of play.

Stolen Base Percentage (SB%) = (Stolen Bases) / (Stolen Base Attempts)

Plate Appearances (PA) : The sum of all possible outcomes as batter. Basically (Baseball) the number of time the player leaves their time in the box without being replaced by another player.

Runs Created (RC) = ((Hits + Walks) X Total Bases) / (At Bats + Walks)

Pitching Statistics

Games Started (GS) : The number of games the pitcher started for his team.

Complete Games (CG) : The number of games where the pitcher pitched the entire game.

Innings Pitched (IP) : (Outs recorded while pitching) / (3)

Hits Allowed (H) : The number of hits given up.

Runs Allowed (R) : The number of runs allowed.

Earned Runs Allowed (ER) : The number of runs scored without the aid of defensive errors. An Earned Run is always a Run, but a Run is not always an Earned Run.

Earned Run Average (ERA) = (Earned Runs Allowed) / (9)

Walks Allowed (BB) : The number of Walks issued by the pitcher.

Strikeouts (K) : The number of Strikeouts recorded by the pitchers. You can often seen a strike 3 looking signified by a backwards K.

Quality Starts (QS) = At least 6 IP and no more than 3 ER by a starting pitcher.

Batting Average Allowed (BAA) = (Hits) / (At Bats Against)

Wins (W) : The number of Wins recorded by the pitcher.

Losses (L) : The number of Losses recorded by the pitcher.

Shutouts (ShO) = A Complete Game by the starting pitcher in which he gave up no Runs.

Save Opportunities (SvOp) : The number of time a pitcher came into the game with a chance to record a save. Typically satisfies the criteria of coming into the game in which his team has a lead of 1-3 Runs.

Holds (HD) : When a pitcher comes into the game in a Save situation and does his job successfully but leaves prior to the games conclusion.

Saves (SV) : The number of Saves recorded by the pitcher. He must finish the game with letting the opposition tie or take the lead.

Blown Saves (BS) : When a pitcher enters the game in a Save situation but allows the opposition to tie or take the lead.

Wild Pitches (WP) : The number of times the pitcher threw the pitch badly enough to allow at least one runner to advance a base.

No-Hitters (NH) : A starting pitcher throws a Complete Game without allowing a hit.

Perfect Games (PG) : A starting pitcher throws a Complete Game without allowing a player to successfully touch first base without an out being recorded.