Rally Mantis Jr.

The Legend

To say Kansas City was inactive at the trade deadline this year would be grossly underestimating the value of one pivotal addition to the current 26-man(tis) roster. When the calendar flipped to August the defending champions quietly took on a new Rally cry. This time in the form of a mythical creature with previously untouched powers. An insect so blessed by God above that her scientific name alone suggests a constant communication with a higher authority.

The Praying Mantis.

This vengeance-seeking creature on-high appears to be innocent by nature, but has done nothing but pillage the American League since being acquired by the team formerly-known-as-the-royals. Sparing only women and children in her unapologetic path to glory, the carnivorous insect has been directly quoted as saying, “I will stop at nothing until total victory is achieved.” Which leaves us all wondering, will she ever show mercy?

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Ranking: Top 5 Concession Stand Items (w/ a Bonus List)

Smell is a funny thing. It’s often a forgotten sense when compared to its’ seemingly more important co-ops; sight and hearing. However the value of our ability to smell dives deeper than the surface like those two aforementioned senses. Smell, as studies have proven, has the strongest effect towards evoking memories. This is because the olfactory bulb (where the brain analyzes smell) is incredibly close to the amygdala and hippocampus (area of the brain in charge of memory and emotions.) When our brains analyze a particular smell their connections have to run by the memory section. This causes us to recall memories more vividly than our other senses. Alright that’s enough of the neuroscience lesson for today. Just remember, Smell = Memory.

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The Wonder of Superstition

My baseball life experience is for the most part limited to fanhood.  For that reason, I’m not totally familiar with some of the more refined aspects of the game.  One of the eccentricities of baseball that has always intrigued me are these unwritten rules that each player seems to follow.  Some of these rules are true for many players, but others are more specific to an individual.  These routines vary in commonality from pedestrian habits to full on weird customs that require any sensible individual to question the sanity of the player as they do what needs to be done.  These are the customs I want to learn about.  My Wonder for the weird makes me want to dive head first into these bizarre tendencies and dissect them vigor in hopes of explaining them or (more likely) bring some of the stranger ones to the limelight and give them the attention they so fully deserve.  Just remember that when you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer.  Superstition ain’t the way.

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Fan Vote: Best of All-Time (LF)

In the newest series on Basically Baseball I will be asking you guys to determine the GOAT’s at each position. I will post 9 players on a fan-voted list each week. You guys will be allowed to select up to 3. At the end of the week I will finalize the results and from there I will write a little something about each of the top 3 selected. At the end of my piece I will personally rank them 1-3 based upon the evidence I provide you. The goal of this is to give you, the reader, some say into what goes onto the site. I also hope to open our site as a forum to debates because I’m fascinated by individual’s opinions of profound facts. 500 HR’s means something far different from one person to another and I think that’s really awesome.

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It’s Time to Make the DH Universal

Major League Baseball stands apart from their counterparts in professional sports because they are the only league that requires their teams to play using different rules based on the league they are in. Can you imagine if the NBA had two separate sets of rules? Exactly. The American League adopted the rule of implementing a designated hitter (DH) for their pitchers back in 1973. The National League did not follow suit deeming their rules to be “the way the game was meant to be played.” And we have sat at a Mexican standoff ever since. But the fact of the matter is that we need to universally take a stance in order to assure that all teams are in fact playing the same game.

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